custom screw pile foundations
Rapidroot piling system

Rapidroot concrete free piles have limitless applications

Social housing to traffic bridges, RapidRoot has the answer. The examples below represent a small section of what customers have achieved with our innovative foundation system.
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Foundations for Prefab buildings

For panelised construction systems, manufactured off-site, precision is everything. Our foundations solutions allow rapid erection of your building system without relying on the tolerances of  concrete workers or traditional heavy piling or screw piles. Rapidroot pile foundations are highly accurate and superior to anything in the market on a price/capacity basis. Teams can be trained in their use and eliminate dependency on third parties and reduce costs even further.

Foundations for Bridges & civil work

Pedestrian and vehicle bridges and road infrastructure are just some of the uses for RapidRoot pile systems. Our custom designed solutions are perfect for a wide array of small to medium sized infrastructure projects, reducing both costs and execution time. Rapidroot piles can be used where ground screws just havent got the capacity. Our systems can compete with larger piled solutions without the specialized and expensive plant required to install them.
piles ground screws rail applications

Foundations for Rail infrastructure

Concrete free foundations for rail signalling, retention walls, public and work platforms, footbridges, or control boxes RapidRoot has the solution. Low cost, instant and highly portable foundation systems that can be carried to rail side and installed with hand held tools without stopping services or blocking access. We are revolutionizing rail with our low cost foundation solutions that out perform screw piles and ground anchors, please click on the RapidRoot Rail link on the footer.
foundations for solar PV difficult ground

Rapidroot pile for Solar PV Energy systems

For remote sites and very poor soils RapidRoot is a viable solution for Solar PV installations and supporting infrastructure of all kinds. RapidRoot solutions can be used anywhere you are currently using concrete, screw piles or ground anchors. Engage local workers or stake holders, lower costs and delivery more economic solutions.

Concrete free foundations for towers & masts

For bending moment applications RapidRoot has developed various semi-standard solutions or approaches. Wether you require lattice tower, or single mast foundations for telecoms or power line transmission, RapidRoot can design a solution to fit. Reduce or eliminate the need to excavate, improve health and safety and speed up your infrastructure projects.

Portable foundations for impossible locations

Building in remote locations, islands, jungles, forests or deserts brings its own set of challenges. RapidRoot is a problem solving suite of solutions, our portable foundations can be carried anywhere, by hand, quad bikes or horses! Our solutions truly shine the more remote the location especially with our low weight all aluminium pile cap solutions.
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Rapidroot piling system

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