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Rapidroot piling system

Low impact all terrain construction systems.

Rapidroot is a simple to install concrete free foundation system. A modular, high capacity solution based on proven civil engineering techniques and piling methodologies repackaged in a smaller format. Reduce embodied energy in your building project, build on environmentally sensitive sites without disturbing the land.

Build with the environment in mind.

The Rapidroot concrete free foundation system for buildings and structures is an eco friendly alternative to contaminating concrete and inferior screw piles or ground anchors. Rapidroot is a fast and simple foundation and platform system that does not require special tools or large equipment.
Building with the environment in mind is not an option, it's an obligation. We can help you.

Tread lightly, RapidRoot eco foundations

Prefab and modular foundations
Concrete free foundation solutions for offsite modern methds of construction of all types and loads. Reduce build costs, speed up your build program with instant foundations.
Rapidroot screw pile TPO TREES
Foundations for tree zones, sensitive sites
Complete foundation systems for public and comercial buildings, use in almost any penetrable soil. Rapidroot is a non invasive no dig solution for treed areas and ecological or protected sites.
Low impact foundations for resorts
RapidRoot has experience in delivering large hospitality and resort foundation and podium solutions. We have enabled the construction of hundreds of high end buildings in remote and sensitive locations.

How does RapidRoot work?

Like a trees root system!
Composed of a modular pile cap and a grouping of reticulated piles, RapidRoot forms a "root system" to spread the load accross a greater surface area, just like a tree. RapidRoot is a non-invasive, eco footing system and a real alternative to contaminating and disruptive concrete foundations.

RapidRoot is a semi shallow piling system that tends to resolve most foundations in sub 2m depths although for very poor soils it can go much deeper if required. Wether you are building a beach resort or a low impact home, RapidRoot has the solution.
About RapidRoot
eco all terrain foundation solution, low impact
Rapidroot pile foundation system
Eco foundation systems
Remote sites? island resorts or environmentally sensitive locations? Rapidroot foundations can be carried into the depths of the jungle or the remotest desert and installed with semi skilled labour and light-weight portable machinery. Capable of supporting traffic bridges, wind turbines, hotels, multi story buildings or even underwater structures, Rapidroot pile foundations can solve your unique construction problems without impacting the environment.
Rapidroot piling system

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