Rapidroot piling system

RapidRoot Custom

For non-standard projects
All the examples in our web page our real executed projects. The composite fibre bridge foundation indicated here is a clear example of our adaptability and design kudos to get radical projects over the line.

In conjunction with our expert partners at RapidRoot Rail, a fully custom foundation design was developed for a new bridge roll out program that can be scaled up or down depedending on soil conditions and bridge location.

Design through to fabrication

RapidRoot can work with initial design concepts and load scenarios to develop custom interface and foundations solutions for your project.
Working through design concepts in 3D lets us iron out practical assembly issues, interface details and perform accurate FEA engineering to arrive at optimal solutions.

rapidroot custom foundations

Flow bridge custom foundation solution

Custom design
RapidRoot used a version of its RRX grouping structure for each bridge support point, grouping various smaller pile caps via an innovative cruciform structure.
Custom fabrication
The design brief included the requirement for the solution to be modular and easily transportable, not just to resolve the loadings.
Build anywhere
RapidRoot technicians attended the installation to guide the main contractors team and enure the correct proceedure and specification was achieved.

Other custom examples

Public platform
A prefabricated precision structure needed equally precise foundations. RapidRoot developed a special slip plate to provide perfect adjustment.
Cycle bridge
One of many bridges RapidRoot has developed solutions for. These are usually custom interfaces to spread the bridge bearing load on each bank.
Vertical turbine
RapidRoot employed its RRX grouping structure in this project, joining 4 x RR16 pile caps to deal with the moment loads of this ground breaking wind turbine.
MagnaPile is our proprietary range of reinforced custom piles fabricated in marine grade aluminium, they are at the heart of our system solutions.

These piles have ultra-high corrosion resistance far superior to off the shelf galvanized tubes used by other systems. MagnaPile meets the design requirements of residential and civil works in the most corrosive soil types and can be specified to over 100 years design life (soil dependant).
There is simply no comparison to anything else on the market.

Magnapile corrosion resistant pile
Rapidroot piling system

RapidRoot pile loading guide

Approximate loading guide in both compression and traction based on a given kN load and a given soil SPT bore hole value, this example is fixed at 2m deep piles for simplicity, indicating a given number of piles per pile cap. It serves only as a rough example of capacities. Actual pile cap specification and pile depth must be calculated by a RapidRoot engineer and is project specific.

RapidRoot RRX grouping system

For extreme loads..

RapidRoot is scalable and modular, combining pile caps in grillages and special joining structures boosts capacities for practicaly any residential or light commercial structure.
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Rapidroot piling system

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