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Frequently asked questions
What can RapidRoot be used for?

RapidRoot can be used wherever you are currently using concrete or screw piles and the soil and loads are within the parameters of the solution range, these are very wide-ranging parameters. Whether the loads are primarily gravity, traction or high bending moment applications, RapidRoot has a solution, tailored to your project needs.

What sort of soils can RapidRoot be used in?

Almost any penetrable soil with sufficient bearing capacity, a soil investigation report and penetration test is generally required. The soil capacity will dictate what pile cap and what pile length will be required and also the corrosion profile of your soil.

What is the maximum load capacity of RapidRoot?

That depends on several factors but ultimately just like every other foundation it depends on the soil. We don’t make outlandish claims like competing products, it’s a simple calculation of soil capacity/characteristics, pile friction and pile point bearing and the applied loads. In typical real-world soils (not theoretical or ideal conditions) we can reach capacities in excess of 500kn on a single load point with custom pile caps and groupings. Maximum loads ultimately also depend on the application of appropriate safety factors and stringent settlement limits as per international code compliance. For less demanding applications with greater settlement tolerances greater loads can be reached. Either way these are fully engineered solutions requiring a ground invesitgation and not specified based on ad-hoc pull out tests like ground screws or similar. Foundations cannot be compromised, your entire investment sits on top!

What is the design life of RapidRoot?

Design life is a minimum of 60 years like all standard building products although we frequently design to 100 years. The main element to deal with is corrosion, our pile caps are either hot dip galvanized with Duplex finish where necessary,  full Naval aluminium construction or stainless steel for extremely long lasting solutions.  Our steel MagnaPiles have been tested to 5000+ hours in ASTM/ISO salt spray tests with zero corrosion and can out perform hot dip galvanisation by up to 10 times (your nearest hot dip galvanise representative will contest that!). Our reinforced aluminium MagnaPiles piles are for the most demanding applications. All our systems easily pass design life requirements of typical country specific building codes and can be custom designed for highly corrosive tropical, industrial or marine environments.

What are MagnaPiles?

MagnaPiles are our proprietary small diameter micro/root piles, availbel in two metals: high specification steel piles with a proprietary coating or extruded structural aluminium capable of out performing hot dip galvanised many times over. MagnaPile converts our solutions into a viable long-term foundation system. As standard our systems come in 48mm, 60mm and 76mm diameter pile versions in steel and 48mm and 60mm in Aluminium, these are not off the shelf tubes, these are special extruded and reinforced profiles that can provide ultra-long design life periods. MagnaPile aluminium piles are for extreme environments and the most demanding projects, in the right soils they are capable of outlasting the buildings built upon them, and are  light in weight (easier to ship), easier to install and uninstall and re-use. They are also fully and infinitely recyclable.

Building codes?

RapidRoot is based on the existing body of knowledge on piling, the same principals and methodology has been used in large civil engineering projects for almost a century. RapidRoot is just a miniaturized and modularised version but the calculation methods are the same. RapidRoot complies with codes around the world and is always signed off by a Rapidroot engineer or a suitably qualified professional.

Uneven ground?

RapidRoot can be installed on sloped sites. On exceptionally inclined sites custom pile caps may be required and we can design to purpose. The biggest problem in these circumstances are not the RapidRoot pile caps but your platform to build off. We can provide a complete post and platform design solution to build with timber frame, steel frame, SIPS, etc.

Underground obstacles?

Ground with known obstacles like rocks and stones and can be worked around at the design phase. Refusals are not catastrophic like single helical or screw piles. Over specifying with more available piles than are structurally required is the easiest way to combat troublesome soil types with expected refusals by working around obstacles. Nothing can give you the precision offered by Rapidroot foundations.

Buried insfrastructure?

In highly built up areas and inner cities, existing infrastructure is the biggest problem. Information on existing powerlines, gas and drains is required in the design phase. Infrastructure and obstacles can be worked around.

What can you build with RapidRoot?

Anything! We have clients that use our systems for modular housing, prefabricated buildings, SIP constructions, steel frame, timber frame, passive houses, bridges, solar parks, wind turbines, telecom masts and general civil works.

How is RapidRoot installed?

RapidRoot is installed with portable low cost tooling, specially adapted for purpose. Its possible to use standard jack hammers on our range of pile systems, ergonomic advantages are gained using  hand-held air and hydraulic powered equipment to at least start off the piles. Even so, these are light weight tools with no heavy plant enabling us to install our solutions in the most remote or hard to access locations.

Do you install your systems?

Yes, via our expert installation partners we can provide turnkey services almost anywhere in the world. Depending on project critera it is often advantageous for the client to either provide local labour, receive training and/or have our project leads to guide your installation. We can provide as little or as much as the process as required to guarantee your installation at the best possible price.

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