Rapidroot piling system

Instant & accurate foundations

The hybrid root pile foundation
RapidRoot is a heavy duty concrete free footing system, a hybrid root pile / pin pile solution that can be deployed in any penetrable soil. It is a highly accurate and adjustable system, superior to both screw piles and ground anchors.

Based on proven technology and established engineering methods, RapidRoot provides permanent (but removable) low impact, environmentally friendly pile foundations for housing, commercial buildings and general construction. Excavation free foundations for your building will save you time, money and mess.

Our system range
rapidroot root pile ground screw concrete free

Foundations, modularized.

Modern construction methods
Foundations have been the last piece of the puzzle in the constant drive to modularize and prefabricate buildings and structures.

RapidRoot engineered foundations permit the complete prefabrication of your project with precise and fully adjustable footings, cutting time and delays from building schedules. Due to the simple installation methods,  construction in previoulsy unviable locations is possible. Our no-dig or reduced dig footing solutions keep sites safer, cleaner and enable precision construction.
Rapidroot can design a foundation bespoke to your construction system, deliver in kit form or complete turnkey installations.

How does RapidRoot work?

Like a trees root system!
Composed of a reinforced hollow drum steel pile cap and a grouping of high tensile reticulated piles, RapidRoot forms a "root system" to spread the load accross a greater surface area, just like a tree. RapidRoot is a non invasive, eco footing system and a real alternative to contaminating and distruptive concrete foundations.

RapidRoot is a semi shallow piling system that tends to resolve most foundations in sub 2m depths although for very poor soils it can go much deeper if required. Wether you are building a beach resort or a low impact home, RapidRoot has the solution.
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Hand portable foundations

Compact, precise footings
RapidRoot pile cap elements are assembled and located on site, hand carried to their pre-idicated layout points. Caps are either installed directly on the ground or slightly sunken for a more discrete finished foundation.
No heavy plant or machinery
Installation is fast and efficient. Piles are driven in a few minutes with portable tooling and entire load points with posts and connector brackets, are complete in less than a hour. Entire foundations are completed in record time.
Build anywhere with Rapidroot
RapidRoot offers speed and more importantly precision not offered by either concrete, screw piles or ground anchors. Foundations are adjustable in level, plumb and in every axis posterior to their installation, adapting to sloped or level sites with ease.
The Rapidroot process
Rapidroot foundation system SOIL TEST
Determine the capacity of the soil you are building on
A simple test
Although possibly not the norm in many areas and commonly overlooked by builders of conventional foundations, a soil investigation with penetration tests, guarantees the design of an optimal solution. With simple soil penetration tests we can determine the capacity of the soil and optimise overall foundation solution costs. These are not tests that are propritary to RapidRoot, but are generic tests valid for any foundation type.

If you don't have a soil test, don't worry there are other ways to determine soil capacity and design RapidRoot solutions.
Super-structure loads
Provide us with your building loads
Taking the soil capacity and the structural loads of your building our engineers can specify the RapidRoot pile caps and piles to transfer these loads to the soil.
If possible its optimal that RapidRoot be involved as early on in the process as possible as we can provide important advise and guidelines in the structural design phase that can save money, cut specifications and constribute to an overall lean construction result.
RapidRoot solution
Specification of pile caps and piles
Once all inputs are available our engineers select and specify the right components for the job taking the required design life into account. Our standard design life is 60 years but we frequently design to 100 yr + on request.
We have in house specialist corrosion knowledge and we can design systems to withstand any environmental and soil conditions.
Concrete free foundations piles
Standard pile caps or custom components?
We can almost always resolve your foundation design with standard components. Specific connections and adjustment systems to support your structures are largely bespoke.

We have a very efficient high tech factory process and can turn around the entire design, fabrication and delivery process in very short time frames.
Solution installed
Ready to build!
All materials are delviered to site and installed to specifications. RapidRoot has instant bearing capacity and as such construction can commence immediately.

Its not uncommon to have floor systems being installed behind installers of RapidRoot in a chain, producing builds in amazing time frames, impossible with concrete and other other specialist systems.
Revolutize how you build

With RapidRoot concrete free foundations

No need to scrape, level, cut, fill or landscape your site. RapidRoot leaves the earth, tree roots and natural drainage patterns intact. RapidRoot is an ultra low impact environmentally friendly foundation solution that can change the way you both design and build, with the environment in mind.
modular house foundation systems
Rapidroot piling system

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