Rock and non-penetrable ground?

Part of the Rapid family tool kit.
RapidRoot is the go to solution to solve foundations quickly on uneven ground in the most difficult of locations. But on rare occasionas the ground just isn't suitable, for example with surface bedrock or dense heavy shales RapidPads are recommended. RapidPad  is a complete formwork kit with inbuilt basalt fibre rebar, parametrically designed for each load scenario, just fill with concrete. Its uses a fraction of the concrete you would use with conventional footings and integrates seamlessly with RapidPier post and podium systems. A simple folded structure that arrives almost in flat pack, assembled in minutes.
RapidPads , when faced with bedrock or non-penetrable ground.
Combine with RapidPier for an all terrain solution
RapidPads are just another tool in the Rapid Foundation toolkit, when faced with patches of surface rock for example it can complement RapidRoot solutions. RapidPad, as per RapidRoot, is designed to adapt to the land, minimize excavation and environmental impact. The RapidPads in the example above use a total of 2.7m3 in a foundation for an 80m2 luxury cabin. Its not concrete free, but If you absolutely have to use concrete, use less.
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Instant concrete pads

rapidpad lost formwork eco footing
Parametric footings
RapidPads footings are sized to your soil and building loads, a custom design is produced in minutes at no extra cost. A complete footing kit complete with reinforcement.
All terrain
Works on flat or sloped sites in non penetrable or hard ground. Combine with RapidPier and leverage lower cost land or just save costs due to vastly reduced excavation.
Build anywhere
Entire foundations are often just a few cubic meters of concrete for a large cabin or lodge, use up to 90% less concrete compared to slabs or stepped strip foundations.

Engineered foundation Solutions

Parametrically designed
No two loads are the same, RapidPads are parametricaly designed, we just punch in the specifications and resize by project. Use RapidPads on rock or shale or where you just prefer to use concrete. Excavation is reduced to just the isolated pad points and the levels are achieved with RapidPier, the example on the right is over 3m high.
eco footings solution
build on sloped sites, all terrain foundation solution
low impact formwork footing solution

RapidPads instant footings

For bedrock & non penetrable soils

Vastly reduce the amount of concrete in your project, build on sloped ground. Our lost formworks complete with basalt fibre rebar, assembled and depoyed in minutes.
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Rapidroot piling system