flood plain foundations

All terrain Post & podium systems, the easy way to build on slopes.

RapidPier is an adjustable post system with optional wind brace (for taller posts), combined with principal beams it creates a complete structural podium. Construction with zero excavation or levelling is not only possible, its our standard way of doing things. Leave the ground intact, adapt your buildings to slopes and contours with the minimum disturbance. True low impact construction.
Rapidroot pile system
Adapt to slopes & rough ground
Rapidroot raised floor foundations
RapidPier all terrain system, taming terrain...
RapidRoot & RapidPier foundation solutions are extremely cost competitive vs building on sloped ground with any other system. The elevated post structures are simple extensions of our standard systems. Although our foundations are engineered solutions tailored to each site they dont carry the price tag of equivalent custom steel work frames that can cost many thousands more, involve costly heavy cranes and often make builds unfeasible. All our components are man-portable, light weight but incredibly strong.
aluminium post system building
All aluminium post system
A bolt together aluminium post system, adjustable in situ to adapt to differing ground levels and slopes. Supplied in lengths from 25cm to over 4m tall, RapidPier can take loads of over 15 tonnes on a single post.
corrosion proof foundation system
Plug & play construction
RapidPier is a modular system of components that offers simple build proceedures with plug and play elements. Eliminate expensive custom steel work and achieve much higher levels of corrosion protection.
rapidpier all terrain post system
Available in any RAL colour.
Our standard finish is raw aluminium or matt black, for larger projects we can custom coat all components to achieve the desired esthetics of the project. High end solutions without the high end price.
RapidPier posts systems are designed to add on to modular RapidRoot pile caps (or RapidPad), thus adapting buildings to sloped sites with standard components. A suite of off the shelf solutions for non-standard problems. RapidPier is manufactured using marine grade aluminium, for the most demanding of sites, be it sea front, jungle or mountainside. Our complete platform systems including principal structural beams are a combination of aluminium and magnesium alloy galvanized elements that deliver unrivalled performance in highly corrosion environments.

rapidroot foundation system

Complete rugged platforms

Elevated to any height
If you are building with timber frame, stud frame, steel frame, SIPS, post and beam, CLT or any modern construction system we can design solutions to fit. Our engineers we can solve your foundation . We have delivered projects of every size imaginable from simple cabins to large resorts‍
Please follow the link below to the steps to designing and specifying a Rapidroot/RapidPier foundation or contact us for more information, we are here to help.

RapidRoot design steps
Image shows RapidPier on RapidPad footings..

Build anywhere!

The ultimate concrete free, environmentally friendly foundation system you can build anywhere. RapidRoot combined with RapidPier facilitates construction in remote sites in largely unaccessible locations, without the need for large or specialised machinery required by screw piles, concrete or other methods. Perfect for remote resorts, hospitality or commercial buildings and low impact construction in general.

Engineered solutions

Continous R&D
RapidRoot is under constant development, our suite of solutions is expanding as we resolve new challenges and adapt to new scenarios. With years of large project development under our belt, RapidRoot can give you the confidence other systems cant provide. Feel free to contact us regarding your project, we have the solution!

flood plain foundation systems

Complete podium & Floors

For elevated buildings

RapidRoot is a modular concrete free foundation system that can be adapted to a multitude of building problems and site conditions.
Our post and bracing system is adapted to your building loads and location providing economical engineer designed solutions for your build.
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Rapidroot piling system