piles in corrosive soils

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Rapidroot extreme piles difficult ground

Coastal & tropical buildings

Low impact foundations for corrosive environments
RapidRoot Extreme solutions are designed using a combination of materials and anti corrosion strategies to protect in harsh environments, these can outlast your building. These lightweight ultra resistant pile cap foundations combined with our Magnapiles are the answer for tropical, sea front locations and any projects in challenging environments where you dont want to or can't use concrete. Rapidroot foundations are also removable and thus enable construction in environmentally sensitve sites or areas affected by climate change risk where buildings may need to be moved in the future.
Unique solutions for sea front buildings,
Rapidroot Extreme foundations for extreme environments.
Aluminium pile foundations tropical zones
Ultra corrosion resistant, low impact , recyclable foundations.
RapidRoot extreme pile caps and foundation solutions eleviate the problems of concrete, screw piles and ground screws when building in high corrosion, water front, beaches and flood plain locations. Our foundations can be specified to meet long design life briefs, providing peace of mind and solid permanent footing solutions for your building without astronomical costs. No other pile system, ground anchor or general foundation can achieve this without breaking the bank. Our solutions are accesible, fast, efficient and also available at cost to qualifying charities, NGO's and non profit environmental projects. Contact us for for more information.
Flood plain solutions

Engineered foundation Solutions

Without the high price
Our concrete free foundations systems can be supplied as complete kits of footings, posts, bracing and fixings, engineer designed and signed off for for complicance with your local building codes or building control. All our components are expertly designed and optimized to cope with both environmental conditions and the loads of your buildings. Rapidroot Extreme takes our pile system to another level to give our clients the confidence to use our technology even in the most high end of projects. Save money, build better, build faster.
flood level foundation systems for flood zones

RapidRoot RRX grouping system

For extreme loads..

RapidRoot is scalable and modular, combining pile caps in grillages and special joining structures boosts capacities for practicaly any residential or light commercial structure.
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Rapidroot piling system