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Flood plain foundation systems

RapidRoot solutions for flood plains are designed according to local criteria and code requirements. There are various approaches to determining the building height depending on country/ region. In the USA the probability of a flood equalling or exceeding the 100 year base flood  (or "100 year flood") is used,  in the UK its simply the probablity assigned that a given location will be subject to river or sea flooding in a given year.
Whatever the criteria and height requirement Rapidroot solutions can get your building up and above this level giving you peace of mind and a solid long lasting foundation for your building.
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RapidRoot foundations for extreme environments
Rapidroot raised floor foundations
Rapidroot foundation solutions installed by your Contractor or our teams
RapidRoot flood plain foundation solutions are extremely cost competitive, the elevated post structures with or without principle beams/steel work are simple extensions of our standard systems. Although our foundations are engineered solutions tailored to each site they dont carry the price tag of equivilant flood designed foundations that can cost many thousands more and often make builds unfeasible. If longevity is a concern, our pile cap/pile system is available in marine grade aluminium or even stainless steel for long life in these challengining and corrosive environments.

Complete flood plain Solutions

Elevated to any height
If you are building with timber frame, stud frame, steel frame, SIPS, post and beam, CLT or any modern construction system we can design solutions to fit. Working in conjunction with your local engineer or using our consulting engineers we can solve your flood plain foundation design and get your building on track.
Please follow the link below to the steps to designing and specifying a Rapidroot foundation or contact us for more information, we are here to help.
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Rapidroot pile posts and platforms

Raised platform solutions

RapidRoot can design and deliver the entire foundation and platform solutions using either off the shelf or custom fabricated components. Depending on the environment we employ steel and aluminium post systems to deliver light weight, robust solutions that can be easily transported and installed anywhere in the world.
flood plain foundation systems

RapidRoot foundation post, bracing and floor systems

For elevated buildings

RapidRoot is a modular concrete free foundation system that can be adapted to a multitude of building problems and conditions.
Our post and bracing system is adapted to your building loads and location providing economical engineer designed solutions for your build.
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